Bitcoin Facts Info-graphic

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Bitcoin has been around for awhile, (the info-graphic says 10 years, but actually it was started in 2009, which is 8 years ago) and survived many pitfalls and plenty of experts and self-appointed experts claiming it will disappear, die, or Continue reading Bitcoin Facts Info-graphic

Bitcoin state of mind

Bitcoin is back in the news, as some moves cause the value to rise again in November to over 400 USD.( Speculations on different causes exploded in the bitcoin and financial communities, and of course the bitcoin demise profeets made a Continue reading Bitcoin state of mind

Why Bitcoin is only headed up

Bitcoin had a rocky start, But since it took off nearly 6 years ago (3 January 2009), It always stayed on course of a single direction over time and obstacles: Upwards. It got a lot of bad reputation due to its use Continue reading Why Bitcoin is only headed up

Bitcoin Outlawed

Bitcoin being outlawed is not a new thing. The new-ish digital currency had many bumps on the road since it’s inception back in 2009. One of the first that actually outlawed it, was Iceland which used an existing legislation made Continue reading Bitcoin Outlawed

HYIP dry/crash season

As you may know, I’ve been doubling with HYIP Websites for the last few months. Just as the name implies, these are risky programs and are close neighbors (for the most if not the whole part) of the Ponzi Scheme. Continue reading HYIP dry/crash season