Top Three TV Boxes

After a (very) long delay, I’ve finally got around to writing this article, between a few reviews. To start off, the “winners” are all android boxes. This is (mostly) not because they are essentially better, but because the vast majority Continue reading Top Three TV Boxes

Science is kicking ass!

Science is making small steps every single day, only most of them are too small or don’t get published to the public that fast. So here are a few I’ve noticed: 4$ Phone in India! or is it..? Recently, all Continue reading Science is kicking ass!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016

Same as every year, the biggest Electronics tradeshow is back. CES 2016 changed it’s logo, but not its true colors. It still displays all the latest and greatest (sometimes) innovations in technology, gadgets and naturally, electronics. This year, it’s mostly Continue reading Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016