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Review | Himedia A5 Amlogic S912 Android TV Box


Himedia A5 is Himedia’s new and first venture into Amlogic based boxes. Before the A5, Himedia mostly built high quality, high priced TV boxes based on HiSilicon SoC solutions. With a S912 based box, they can venture into the saturated, and competitive market of Amlogic based devices. But are they up to the task? Let’s have …

[Updated] Review | Egreat A5 HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 Android TV Box

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Egreat A5 is on today’s review. Egreat is the third company I review with products based on HiSilicon’s chipsets (after Openhour, and Himedia) and even though HiSilicon is less known than Amlogic in the streamer market, their video performance is quite remarkable. I want to thank Egreat and their representative, Dennis, for the review sample and the …