Bitcoin Facts Info-graphic

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Bitcoin has been around for awhile, (the info-graphic says 10 years, but actually it was started in 2009, which is 8 years ago) and survived many pitfalls and plenty of experts and self-appointed experts claiming it will disappear, die, or Continue reading Bitcoin Facts Info-graphic

Bitcoin Outlawed

Bitcoin being outlawed is not a new thing. The new-ish digital currency had many bumps on the road since it’s inception back in 2009. One of the first that actually outlawed it, was Iceland which used an existing legislation made Continue reading Bitcoin Outlawed

Bitcoin – Crypto Currency to rule them all

Current Bitcoin Rate in US dollars: It all started August 18, 2008, when a person or a group, known only as “Satoshi Nakamoto” registered a new domain known as From there, he released an initial design paper for the Continue reading Bitcoin – Crypto Currency to rule them all