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Lenovo’s got a prototype of a fold-able PC!

They’ve been working on this for 3 years, and it looks quite awesome. X1 Fold-able PC is in a book layout (opens in the middle) and looks stunning. The PC is Expected to come sometime around 2020, with no pricing information available, it’s something to look forward to. More information here

Bitcoin Facts Info-graphic

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Bitcoin has been around for awhile, (the info-graphic says 10 years, but actually it was started in 2009, which is 8 years ago) and survived many pitfalls and plenty of experts and self-appointed experts claiming it will disappear, die, or turn out to be a fake money bubble. Well, sadly for them, Bitcoin is going …

Bitcoin – Free Fall?

Following the last few days/weeks, the events that unfolded, related to Mt. Gox – the oldest and most known Bitcoin Exchange in the world shutting down withdrawals, claiming it’s due to a bitcoin protocol bug and following by the resignation of Mark Karpeles, the CEO of Mt. Gox from the board of Bitcoin Foundation – …

Bitcoin Investments

Today, I will discuss the rampant field of bitcoin and bitcoin-related investments. Bitcoin is still considered as a high-risk (and possibly also high reward) investment venue by itself – as in buying bitcoin as an investment. However, there are also other options of which, I will review a few here: 1. BTCJam – a lending/borrowing …