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Go faster and further on the Rydology Blade 10 GT+ electric scooter. Incredibly, it has dual 1,500-watt motors, which allow it to reach a speed of 52 miles per hour. Furthermore, its battery life supports a range of up to 50 miles. Designed to carry riders who weigh 265 pounds or less, this feature-packed electric scooter has a high-quality and long-lasting design. Moreover, it can effectively climb inclines of up to 40%, so it can take you all around your hilly city with ease. A stunning eScooter, its sleek design gives you a stylish vehicle wherever you go. With a 3.5-inch handlebar display, it also has 11″ by 3″ pneumatic tires, which give it superior ride comfort and capability. Finally, it offers an NFC card reader, a backup key lock, a handlebar thumb throttle, and LED lights on the front, rear, and deck.

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