Review | TrustOnX Player (TOX3) Amlogic S905X4 Android 11 IPTV TV Box

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Hi all! This time we have for you a review of the new TOX3 Player Android 11 TV box from TrustOnX, A company’s which products I have yet to review till now, but seems like a solid manufacturer as the review will come to show.

I would like to thank Zhang for the review sample of this new TV Box.

TOX3 is a TV box based on Amlogic S905X4 chipset which offers great and stable video performance with support for the new AV1 codec. I does most video related tasks surprisingly well (for a less known brand), but it falls a bit short when it comes to gaming. That’s not too bad as this box is not meant nor targeted at android gamers.


What’s in the Box?

TOX3 comes in a matte small and vented black plastic box, with the logo on top, and a blue LED indicator and IR transceiver. It is made of perforated matte black plastic, but feels small, sturdy and very light at 90 grams.


TOX3 Looks

Here are the items that come in the box: TOX3 TV Box, 1 * IR Remote, 1 * HDMI Cable, 1 * User Manual, 1 * User Guide, 1 * Power Adapter, 1 * Detachable Antenna:

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,home,screen
TrustOnX Player TOX3 Home Screen

TOX3 Specifications

Operation System Android 11
Language English, Chinese …Multi-Language support
CPU Amlogic S905X4 with Quad-Core Cortex-A55 12nm
Storage Capacity (Flash) 32GB (eMMC)
WIFI 2.4G+5G The wireless module complies with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with multi-user MIMO Technology
WIFI Module RTL8822BS
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
The Extended Storage TF Card, up to 32GB (SD2.X,SD3.X,SD4.X, eMMC ver5.0)
Power Supply DC 5V/2A
HDR Supports
HDMI Output HDMI(1.4 and 2.0) to support maximum 4K@60fps output (HDCP2.2)
1*USB 3.0, 1*USB 2.0 Host
Led Work Light Support
Network 1*RJ45 1000M (1000M Ethernet interface)
Remote Control Remote controller
Dimensions 110mm*62mm*22mm
Net Weight 90 grams
Gift box Dimensions 155mm*100mm*85mm


TOX3 Benchmarks and Testing

*All completed benchmarks have been repeated 3 times and results have been averaged to give a more accurate reading (aside for PCMark):

Antutu Benchmark

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,antutu,benchmark


The Antutu benchmark tests single core performance over multi-core as it is a better indication of the performance of one device over others in most situations. The new(er) version benchmark has only been conducted for these 4 boxes, but the TOX3 is seated in 3rd place and performs generally quite well in applications.


GPU Mark Benchmark

GPU Mark tests 3d gaming performance and also provides a normalized score according to the used screen resolution (for a more accurate result). The test is quite short and should be taken as a supporting result to that of the more serious 3D Mark benchmark. TOX3 takes 9th place in average and normalized score, and 7th place in Average FPS. That’s is not great, but this box is not really targeted at android gamers.



A1 SD Benchmark

A1 SD Benchmark tests RAM and flash memory speeds. As can be seen in the provided graphs, RAM is much faster (by a factor of about 40) than flash memory – that is why it’s in smaller amount and is also volatile (does not keep its contents after a reboot).

TOX3 RAM copy speed is placed 7th, right on par with other Amlogic S905X4 boxes, while read/write speeds places the TOX3 as 3rd in line – a very respectable placement.


PC Mark Benchmark

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,pcmark,benchmarkAn extensive suite of productivity tests which is designed to show a more balanced picture of an android device’s ability to perform various tasks such as spreadsheet calculations, photo editing, complex web page browsing and more.

TOX3 proves to be a mean little productive machine as it achieves second (!) place of all the boxes tested so far!


3D Mark Benchmark

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,3dmark,slingshot,extreme,benchmark

3D Mark benchmark is considered as one of the best ways to test 3d performance on Android (and other platforms).

As mentioned before, TOX3 is not meant for gaming (or any other 3d graphic intensive task) and so it is in one of the last places in the 3d mark benchmark.

TOX3 Extra Benchmarks

For some more information, see the following screenshots from other benchmarks such as Performance Test Mobile, GPU Mark Benchmark, Androbench, Geekbench, and Vellamo:

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,performance,test,mobile,benchmark
Performance Test Mobile


trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,gpu,mark,benchmark
trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,androbench


trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,geekbench,compute
GeekBench – Compute


trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,geekbench,cpu
GeekBench – CPU
trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,vellamo

TOX3 Bugs and Issues

  1.  Angry Birds 2 seems to exhibit a similar bug as it does in some other new android TV boxes, and gets stuck after the first level is passed.Trustonx,tox3,amlogic,s905x4,android,tv,box,game,angry birds 2,bug
  2.  8K video playback performance is less than ideal. Some videos seems to play okay, while others buffers or just the audio buffers while the video seems to work. This is just a note as this box was never claimed to handle 8k video playback officially.
  3.  AV1 videos only play properly on the included movie player application. Kodi simply cannot handle them.
  4. Kodi is having trouble switching resolution correctly per video played. So, in order to play 4k/8k, Kodi native interface resolution must be set to 4k.

TOX3 Root Function

The TOX3 box comes with a built-in (Magisk based) root function which works like a charm.

  • Please note that all benchmarking and testing was done before rooting the box, in order to prevent any possible instabilities.
trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,root-x,premium,root,check
Root-X Premium Root check


TOX3 Video Playback testing (using Kodi)

TOX3 Performs quite well in terms of video, although it is not really intended for Kodi playback (In Kodi there is a audio-video sync issue which is not addressed).

Antutu Video shows that the X5 box handles most video formats well.

As can be witnessed from the results of the video trailers playback testing below, the X5 does not perform as well when using WiFi over local network as it does through wired connection (even though network speedtest shows good results):

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,video,tests

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,antutu,video,tests
Antutu Video Benchmark results

TOX3 Network Performance

I tested the network performance using the popular application from the play store. I tested both WiFi (the fastest WiFi supported – in this case 5GHz 802.11ac), and wired network connection. My home connection is a symmetric 1GBit Fiber connection so it would not limit the testing. As can be seen, the TOX3 box performs very well, with Wired LAN reaching close to maximum download speeds, and 5GHz Wifi also doing quite well :

trustonx,tox3,android,amlogic,s905x4,11,tv box,review,ultrahd,uhd,4k,8k,kodi,tv,iptv,ookla,speedtest
Wifi 2.4 GHz, Wifi 5 GHz, Wired LAN


TOX3 Gaming Performance

Asphalt 9 Legends – a 3d graphic intensive racing game. On TOX3, Graphics are slightly choppy at times, but the real issue is that this game cannot be run by the supplied remote, or even an air mouse with a keyboard. So it’s pretty unusable in terms of navigation (hence generally unusable)

review,ut8,pro,tv box,android,11,ultrahd,rockchip,RK3568,asphalt,9,legends,game


Angry Birds 2 – a popular 2d action game. See mention in the bug list for TOX3. The game is unplayable once you pass the first level. Till then it runs smoothly.

review,ut8,pro,tv box,android,11,ultrahd,rockchip,RK3568,angry birds 2,game


Walking War Robots – an online robot warfare game that requires a game-pad (I don’t have a game-pad). runs fine (not smoothly though), and able to control with air mouse.

review,ut8,pro,tv box,android,11,ultrahd,rockchip,RK3568,war robots,game


TOX3 Conclusions

Did I like it? Yes. TOX3 is a tiny box with plenty of venting (the whole case is vented), and performs very well for video.

Would I recommend it? Yes. As It’s a small and cheap box, with plenty of capabilities and surprisingly stable firmware.

You like it! Where can you buy it? You can buy it here for 54 USD (don’t forget to collect coupons to reduce the price even further): TOX3 Android 11.0 Smart Tv box Amlogic S905X4


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