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The renowned gaming accessories maker Razer has teamed up with Italian eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture to design for gamers. This collaboration aims to bring a perfect blend of gaming and fashion culture that caters to the needs of Gen-Z gamers who like to show off their personalities.

Unlike Razer’s previous venture into fashion wearable accessories with the Razer Ansu Smart Glasses, which didn’t fare as well as they had hoped, the Razersuperfuture sunglasses are not fitted with any fancy tech. Yup, that’s it, they are merely a fashion accessory to go with a gamer’s Razer gaming setup and merchandise.

The Razersuperfuture sunglasses are curated by D-CAVE, a renowned community that focuses on lifestyle space for Web 3.0 users and are fitted with photochromatic lenses, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the sunglasses feature blue light protection to keep a gamer’s eyes from harm’s way while gaming in a dark setup with the screen brightness turned to the maximum.

The Razersuperfuture sunglasses are chunky and sport a mask-like silhouette, drawing inspiration from sportswear styling and the hip urban streetwear vibe. The chunky acetate rims and uniquely serialized temples are complemented by the tagline, “For Gamers. By Gamers,” inscribed on the lenses in the iconic green branding.

The glasses are going to be available starting this week, from May 5th, at select Retrosuperfuture stores and Razer’s online portal, with a price tag of $239, making them more expensive than the Anzu Smart Glasses, which are available for as low as $59.99. Even if they don’t bring any fancy tech inside, the perceived value of this fashion eyewear by Razer is high, catering to fashion-conscious gamers who want to showcase their personalities.

Razer and Retrosuperfuture Collaborate to Create Fashion Eyewear for Gamers

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