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From unsafe Boeing 737 Max jets to exploding chemical plants in Houston, we are seeing some visible and dramatic impacts of decades of deregulation. This trend did not start under President Donald Trump but has picked up momentum and increased legitimacy since his inauguration. Regulation is simply another word for policing. Cops inspect behavior for illegality and when they find it, turn it over to courts for adjudication. Rules and their enforcement are a requirement of civilization. Without it, we must all protect ourselves in a war of all against all. Only anarchists oppose all rules and it is difficult to find any pure anarchists. The issue of deregulation is not one of freedom versus tyranny, but simply how many rules we need and what behaviors we need protection from. A secondary issue relates to the method and style of regulation. Opponents of New York City’s police practice of stop, question and frisk did not favor deregulation of the rules of weapon possession, they objected to the method the NYPD used to enforce those rules.
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