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Hello Boys & Girls!

Today I present to you a new TV Stick from Meegopad. There are many out there, but this is Meegopad second attempt at Crowd Funding (via indiegogo) and this time, they separate it from the crowd with the special android variant – Remix OS. The idea behind Remix OS is trying to give android users a more “windows-like” or “desktop-like” experience.


The new Meegopad A02 looks like most other android TV sticks, but it will appeal more to those who wants their TV to double as a cheap desktop.

  • Brand: MeeGopad
  • OS: Remix OS
  • CPU: Allwinner A83 Octa Core
  • CPU frequency: 2.0Ghz
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX544 GPU,support OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1, OpenCL 1.1, DX9_3
  • Display: Support 1920*1200 Resolution
  • Video: Support 1080p@60fps video playback
  • Supports multi-format video playback,including H.264 BP/MP/HP, H.265/HEVC                                        MP/L5.2, VP8/VP9,MPEG1/2, MPEG4 SP/ASP GMC,    H.263 including Sorenson Spark, WMV9/VC-1, JPEG/MJPEG, etc. Supports H.264 1080p@60fps or 720p@120fps video encoding
  • Memory: 1G/2G DDR3L
  • EMMC: 16G/32G


  • 1 * HDMI 1.4
  • 2 * Standard USB2.0
  • 1 * Earphone/Speaker Audio Port
  • 1 * Micro SD Card Slot
  • 1 * Micro USB for power.
  • 1 * Lanyard Eyelet

Here are some words from Meegopad:

This is not a project to fund a mere product.
This is one person’s fight.
This is a test to verify the startup business model.
People once said: All competition inspires business models to improve upon themselves, but stronger competition the whole economy and society.

We watched, we learned, and now we are here; launching our project.
This project is a melting pot of startup incubator brands using processors from Allwinner and operating system from Jide.

Jide’s Remix OS gained over 1.5 million support in USD on the famous crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Allwinner’s A83t SoC is a high performance processor that is made for the rapid development of the Internet of Things. MeeGoPad is a startup company that released the world’s first Intel powered Windows TV stick in 2014 raising over 560 thousand USD. MeeGoPad is a part of the SZOIL, Maker Laboratory . This is not the project of one company alone, but the start of a new age of collaborative startup projects.
Dreams are great because of people who go out to achieve them. While people are still fantasizing about them, we put in our dearest effort to achieve our dreams. Honestly, we cannot be sure of the future, but we know we cannot give up on our dreams and hopes. No matter what, we will hang on tight to the innocent dreams in our hearts. We can say that we are all entrepreneurial companies with the same values, same challenges, and the same goals. We want to make a product that will change the world so we decided to work on this project together.
For our common goal, MeeGoPad spent six months developing the mother board for the new A02. Jide spent three months optimizing three different versions of Remix OS tailored to the A02 TV Stick. Allwinner made a rare exception to provide subsidies for the use of their processor in this project. Huaqiang North’s also provided a comfortable environment to incubate this project. The collaboration of all the companies made our A02 possible. It made the A02 light, powerful, and affordable.

This is the first time a leading processor manufacture directly teamed up with an operating system startup company and a hardware manufacture to work on the same project. With the backing of well established companies, the MeeGoPad A02 will be manufactured and distributed to our early backers on Indiegogo.

This is not any crowdfunding project. This is the validation of a collaborative entrepreneur model. This is not a company trying to validate success on a crowdfunding platform; that has already been proven countless times. This is a project to revolutionize the existing crowdfunding

This project on Indiegogo went live:
Support our project by buying the A02 on special Indiegogo platform discount.




  1. chy

    Yes,MeeGoPad A02 is cheap and very useful.Remix os is very good .It is a good deal.Next time i will choose MeeGoPad again,because i believe it.

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