Himedia Q5 Pro and Q10 Pro Android Nougat Update

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It seems that Himedia is not simply happy to put out robust good products (even if expensive ones), but is really intent on keeping them updated and upgraded as much as possible..
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As a result, recently it became the first (and only to my knowledge) to publish an update for its two HiSilicon’s Hi3798C V200 SoC based flagship models – the Q10 pro (reviewed here and includes a full size 3.5″ HDD/SSD drawer), and the Q5 Pro (very similar in hardware and specs but a smaller compact build). This major update actually replaces the Android OS from Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to the brand new Android 7.0 Nougat!

Here is Himedia’s Changelog for the Q10 Pro Nougat update:

- Android N OS running stable and smooth
- Support Android N google play version
- Flawlessly support Samba UPNP
- System function perfectly upgraded from 5.1 to Android N with compatibility
- YouTube updated to 1.3.11 and Netflix to 4.10.7
- Homepage, Application Management, Media Center optimized, focus movement are more swift and smooth
- Media Player upgraded and support mouse operation
- Local Media Playback Improved; Certain rare videos black screen, display ratio of 3D to 2D abnormal, and occasional subtitle defect issues fixed
- Blue-ray video slow loading conditions improved and speed up
- Local Audio output improved and certain audio tracks unable to decode and output issue fixed
- Revise some UI language
- Support Widevine L3

If you have one of these fine boxes and are interested in making the switch from lollipop to nougat (without stopping at marshmallow on the way), here are the files for each of these by model. Notice that if you tested the Beta you’ll need to use the correct update file:

Himedia Q10 Pro firmware

Himedia Q5 Pro firmware

Make sure you follow these instructions, and as always – any firmware update you decide to do is at your own peril:

  1. Download the correct zip file and copy the “update.zip” to the a FAT32 formatted USB drive
  2. Plug the USB drive into the TV box
  3. Go to Settings→System→System upgrade and click on the letter of the USB drive.
  4. The TV box will then begin upgrading the firmware from the USB drive.
  5. Wait for the TV box to complete the upgrade. Allow for about 5 minutes till completion.
  6. The TV box will then automatically reboot,and the box will boot into Android N Final

Here are a couple of purchase links for the massive Q10 Pro:

At Amazon for 299 USD including a RC11 Air Mouse:

Or, if you prefer at Geekbuying, for 304 USD including a black Rii i8 2.4G Wireless Israel Hebrew Language Keyboard:

Bundle Himedia Q10 Pro Hi3798CV200 2G16G TV BOX Rii i8 2.4G Wireless Israel Hebrew Language Keyboard Black

And for the smaller (and cheaper) Q5 Pro, Here for 143 USD:




  1. Eric

    android 7 shows duplicate hard disks so after you add your movies in kodi and reboot – kodi cannot detect your movies!!! very annoying. Attempting to go back to 5.1 with no luck. Any ideas??

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