Film Review: Total Recall (2012) – Science fiction movie remake

One guy, one fake wife, and one girlfriend. what to do?

Okay, I’ll start by saying don’t expect an exact replica of the original storyline with new actors. It’s not that, even though some things were carried over from the original film.

The acting is fine. With Colin Farrell which I don’t like much, but does a decent job as the clueless (at first) Doug Quaid, Kate Beckinsale which takes on herself the role of the fake wife, Lori – originally portrayed by a younger Sharon Stone in the first movie incarnation, and finally, Jessica Biel, who plays the resistance connected Melina.

There are some inconsistencies, and I know it’s funny to say that about a science fiction movie, but I expect believability in those too. At least when it concerns events throughout the film that don’t mesh up.

The writers/producers tried to make people doubt everything a-la Inception. Maybe it would have worked with a tighter script and a movie that’s not a remake, but it doesn’t work here other than leave you with a bit of a bitter taste of WTF at times.

The storyline deviates from the original in that the plot is not on Mars for starters but on a post-apocalyptic earth, where the remaining population resides in a non-toxic area of today’s western europe – called in the movie “The United Federation of Britain” (but suspiciously has no hint of british accent as everyone there speak in an american accent aside for Colin Farrell’s australian accent), as well as in “The Colony” which encompasses the continent of Australia. Doug is a (apparently) factory worker that finds out his life is nothing like he thought it is, but a series of memories implanted to make him think he’s someone else.

The future of toxic dumping?

From there it’s a rolling wave of pyrotechnics with levitating car chase, half-ruined cities, the nice idea of an elevator that takes you through the earth’s core from The United Federation of Britain to The Colony within 17 minutes. Wouldn’t want to give too much else away, but it is a nice rolling (but somewhat long) action movie.

I loved the original movie back in 1991 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as it was one of the biggest action-scifi movies of it’s time, even with the visual effects that may be seen today as absurd – the plot was tight and the action amazing.

This one, even with the attempt to surprise an audience that seen a previous version of it, fails to give any good reason (aside from good visual effects, and money making for the producers) to go watch it. It will be, I think, a good DVD/Bluray release, but aside from being a time filler for when you have nothing better to watch, It’s not really a movie you’ll remember, or want to watch again.

It does have good sound, good visuals, and a decent plot if you haven’t watched the original one. But the differences, in my opinion, don’t justify the cost of a ticket. Better save your money for big block busters rather than remakes.

I hope you enjoyed my little review, and come back again!

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