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Camera that takes the photographer's photo and adds it the photo
Camera that takes the photographer’s photo and adds it the photo
How it looks from outside
This is how it looks from outside

• The Not One Less camera concept features a backward-facing camera in addition to the standard forward-facing lens. This allows the photographer to pose at the same time as the other subjects are making their best duck faces, then the picture snapper’s face is sort of awkwardly inserted into the corner of the photo. The concept is a little silly, but we can imagine it being a fun way to capture reactions to scenery, landmarks, and events – something that now requires the uncomfortable act of holding the camera at arm’s length and trying to take a picture of yourself and the background.

 [vimeo 52999535 w=560 h=315]

• And this one is the Augmented Reality Window Game for Boredom-Free Journeys.  A project called “Touch the Train Window” could bring an unusual kind of fun to long journeys using augmented reality. Touch the Train Window is a kind of simple game from Japanese AV collective Salad that lets passengers add virtual objects to the landscape as they roll on by. The system uses a Kinect, an iPhone, a laptop running openFrameworks, a GPS module and a projector to create virtual objects that really look like they are a part of the passing landscape. Users can touch the window to add hot air balloons, horses, birds or other fun-to-watch things to their surroundings. It’s sort of like a “create-a-scene” sticker book for grownups. The GPS module measures the speed of the vehicle as well as the distance to nearby landmarks, adding to the realism of the created scene. All of the equipment required for the game is very cumbersome right now, but as the components shrink with subsequent generations the hardware might someday be small enough to install in a car. Of course, whether it’s in a car or a train, a game like this pretty much guarantees that fights over the window seat will get a lot more intense.

So hungry, I could eat the wrapper! oops, I did eat the wrapper!

• What the photo says.. the guys at Brazilian fast food chain Bob’s burgers (no not that Bob’s Burgers) recently did a promotional stunt featuring edible wrappers (presumably made of rice paper) on their burgers. Apparently, the point of the campaign is to show that the food is so irresistible that consumers can’t be bothered to take the time to take off the wrappers. But, it is a great idea by itself. Green, tasty (could be made in flavours to compliment the meal), and doesn’t leave traces! here’s a video:


That’s it for now. Oh, just wanted to say thanks to for the first two items, and to and for the third!

Now I’m getting hungry..


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