Drops Of Wisdom is BACK!

Good day people!

Drops of Wisdom Tech blog is back!

Took a few days longer than I anticipated, but the domain move is complete, and the restore worked fine.

There may still be some bits that need to be ironed out, but I will clean things up as fast as I can.

In the mean time, what’s in store?

  1. News! – Some of the news will be automatically generated – in part to generate more traffic and liven up this place.
  2. Reviews! – Now this part is a bit trickier as I depend on manufacturer and shops sending me review samples, and that kind of depends on the traffic.. But I’ll build it up. Promise.
  3. Articles! – Articles may consist of a few related or unrelated science/tech/gadget news, or simply take a subject and try to elaborate using several sources.

It won’t be happening over night, as it takes quite a bit of work, but I am all over it!

I hope to see you, your friends, your families, your lovers, your haters, and your pets coming here and reading and clicking away!



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