Fix Your Own PC

Fix Your Own PC, No need for favors or technicians!
Fix Your Own PC, No need for favors or technicians!

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. It’s my first Ebook!

Personal Computers these days are small and big and comes in all sizes and shapes (mostly cube-like shapes).

As customers, most of you just want the little elves inside the box to keep running their buns off, and don’t really care about how it all works and provide you with hours of productivity, gaming, entertainment or porn.

But what happens when the elves stop running? Do you get cold sweat dripping down your shirt? Are you afraid of opening the box and finding something dead among the cobwebs and dust?

Well, don’t be. Computers these days are as simple as a house made of lego. They’re built of several primary parts that connect to each other without much effort, and the software mechanics are not that daunting as they might seem to appear.

Easy for me to say? I guess it is, but I still firmly believe that anyone who knows how to manage a screwdriver, some common sense and a practical attitude can fix most of the issues that they meet with their home computers.

The ebook on sale (You can see it either on the top right hand side of the blog main page, or go to this address to read about it and order it) is all about the main issues and troubles we encounter with windows 7, and windows XP – the most common PC operating systems out there today.

Got blue screen errors? Covered.

Got a pesky program that keep on crashing? Covered.

What about Viruses and Trojans and such? Also Covered.

I’ll take you through the list of main parts that make the PC a useable machine and how to check and make sure that they’re working. Don’t worry, it’s a short list, and there are photos.

So What are you waiting for? Buy it, and save some technician’s fees! I promise it’s cheaper than any professional visit, and it covers its cost after a single time you manage to fix your problem. Ego boost included for free!


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