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Bose Frames Tenor Audio Sunglasses

Listen to all your favorite tunes via your sunglasses with the Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses. That’s right: these sunglasses play music. With Bose Open Ear Audio technology, its quality will be clear and bass-boosting. It’s an incredible experience that lets you engage with the world around you while you listen to your music. Stylewise, these lightweight frames feature a keyhole bridge for comfort. Similarly, the high-gloss black material, stainless-steel hinges, and scratch-resistant lenses will make you feel ultra-modern when you put these sunglasses on. And these audio sunglasses will let you take calls on the go. The advanced microphone system focuses on your voice and reduces the sound of wind and other noise around you. With their seamless capacitive touch and integrated motion sensor, these Bose Frames Tenor glasses are also super easy to use.

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