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Some Bitcoin related fresh news:

Bitcoin Drives AMD and TSMC sales upwards (by

Wafers make for chips and chips make for Bitcoin mining

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.), and AMD ( Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) Are seeing a great rise in their sales thanks to Bitcoin (and other crypto coins such as Litecoin) mining rigs – which uses their chips either in standard PC form with powerful video cards from AMD, or ASIC mining-centric machines using chips from TSMC. More than 200 Million Dollars have been reportedly made in 2013 thanks to Bitcoin related sales for these companies.

Bitcoin gains traction in the offline (“Real”) world as more and more businesses incorporate a bitcoin payment option in their accounting systems

Cheese Burgers for Bitcoin? Check!

Bitcoin used to be known as that shady elusive internet money which is primarily used for criminal activities and sordid business in the dark corners of the world-wide-web. But this last year, it broke new grounds as it became increasingly more mainstream and delivered great value as well as great promise for many business ventures. Now you can even buy burgers on a street food van for Bitcoin, as well as countless other products in many other venues.

A new crypto coin called “Coinye West” tries to use Kanye West success as a tool to stand out from the hordes of Bitcoin and Litecoin wannabe altcoins out there

Yeah, I don’t think Kanye will dig that

Yes, it’s a stupid as it sounds. Kanye West is not behind this endeavor, though I’m pretty certain his lawyers will have a great time pursuing this enterprising copyright thief. He did manage to get some headlines on the way to his court day, that’s for sure.

Following all the negative articles about why Bitcoin will fail (so many of those pop online and in hard copy these days), it’s nice to see a positive one that sees it as having a great potential and a bright future. Chris Dixon is an american internet entrepreneur and investor,  whom in 2010, BusinessWeek magazine named the top angel investor in the technology industry (taken from his wikipedia page). As such, he’s not someone to disregard when he speaks about investments. And he had this to say to BusinessInsider regarding the value of Bitcoin.


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