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The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4K home projector changes how you enjoy your favorite content. It doesn’t matter how old a show or movie is because this 4K projector will upscale it. Boasting a 4K UHD 1,500-ANSI-lumen image, it uses Hybrid Log Gamma to detect when non-HDR content is on the screen. With real-time upscaling, this projector ensures all your old content feels new again. What’s more, it offers Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension in its speakers, providing 360º three-dimensional audio. So it won’t matter where you’re sitting in the room to hear everything with immersive clarity. Additionally, the Anker Nebula Cosmos Max is better than a television because you can adjust the image size up to 150 inches diagonally. And that’s without moving it; just use the built-in zoom function on the remote. Finally, you’ll love the Android TV 9.0 system that gives you more than 5,000 apps.

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