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PediCurve Solar Home Foot Therapy Gadget

Have you taken a look at your feet recently? Yea, they need a little help. And the PediCurve Solar home foot therapy gadget is just the way to massage them back to greatness. In fact, this gadget changes the electrical pedicure device game. This efficient, healthy, hygienic, and sustainable pedicure device provides an electric pedicure completely from solar power. Using patented PediGlass discs, the PediCurve lets you choose between a rough or soft massage. Additionally, it takes just 30 seconds to give your feet the luxurious treatment they deserve. Totally waterproof, this home foot therapy gadget works best in the shower because it requires wet skin. With an efficient design, this green, sustainable gadget means you can say goodbye to using up and wasting batteries. You’ll love the sleek, Danish design. Simply set the PediCurve in its stand in a sunny spot to recharge for your next at-home foot massage.

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