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Ganymede Series 01 Watch Bronze Timepiece

You’ll be able to tell the time in a new way with the Ganymede Series 01 Watch bronze timepiece. Using a custom four-point hour hand, this watch has a dial unlike others. Drawing inspiration from vintage technology and diving helmets, this custom timepiece has a slight steampunk look. It features a Japanese Seiko NH35A automatic movement, which is both a durable and long-lasting option. What’s more, the distressed brown leather strap has cream cross stitching for a truly standout design. Furthermore, the 316L stainless steel case has bronze PVD coating—another durable choice. With sapphire crystal front and back windows, the Series 01 watch showcases its inner movement for those who are curious about mechanics. This bronze timepiece is truly a statement accessory that’s sure to start conversations.

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