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SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology

SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology is designed to help individuals suffering from insomnia, poor sleep, or sleep deprivation. It provides a natural and healthy deep sleep by tuning your brainwaves to the deep sleep frequency. SleepBliss is a 100% natural, noninvasive, and nonelectronic Deep Sleep Aid Mat. Embedded with a Deep Sleep frequency of 3.4Hz, it uses proprietary frequency embedding technology. Your brain works in terms of brainwaves. Simply keep SleepBliss underneath your pillow. During this process, your brain captures the deep sleep frequency, brainwave tuning happens naturally, and your brain gradually changes state from active to sleep to deep sleep. Once brainwave tuning completes, you experience a profound deep sleep. You can measure the effects of SleepBliss using a sleep tracking device. Forget about the quantity of sleep, it’s time to enhance your quality of sleep with this natural deep sleep technology!

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