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Looft Looftlighter X Cordless Grill Wand

The Looft Looftlighter X cordless grill wand is the way to light your grill without any cords holding you back. In fact, this cordless grill wand cleanly lights a fire in around one minute by blasting super-hot air. As it doesn’t require cords, it can go with you to a friend’s house for a barbecue outside. Its design ensures it directly targets the fire pit directly for safety. Plus, its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable and secure to hold in your hand. It’s almost small enough to store in a backpack until your next use. Once charged, it delivers 10 ignitions to light your grill indoors or outdoors, as well as leaving enough juice for the fire pit. Simply plug in the base to the main outlet, and you’re ready to light fires.

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