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Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of looking and checking out of this somewhat unknown and dark-ish field of High Yield Investment Programs, or HYIPs for short.

I even wrote a post about Leancy, the now closed but still well remembered and very successful at the time. It introduced a slick interface, live accrual of interest, and immediate withdrawals. But, like most or all other HYIPs, it had an expiry date which apparently was set at the princely sum of 5 Million Dollars. Once that magic figure was achieved, the administrator packed his/her bags (of money), and left all those who did not cover their investments in a lurch.

But that’s the risky part of these programs. People know that they can lose all or some of their money, but still take the chance because the possible rewards are HUGE.

And so, the smartest way to approach the problem is cautiously and with a size of investment that you are able to lose without much despair.

I will now present a few of the Programs I currently invest in:



ForexGHQ: A 30 Days program that gets you 2.6% each day from 10 USD to 500 USD. There are also higher profit programs but they require higher investments and/or longer periods of time.

Accept payments:  



Lucrativa: 1% – 3% Daily. Principal Back Anytime. That means, that if you get worried that the plan is going under soon, you can cut your bets by withdrawing your investment (and keeping whatever you managed to withdraw till that point). Compounding is allowed.

Accept payments:  


Terra Elegance

Terra Elegance: The most interesting one so far. It offers continuous plans that depends on the size of your investment, but essentially it’s a daily interest of 9% for 10-100 USD, 10.5% for 25-250 USD,  12.7% for 50-500 USD, and 14% for 75-750 USD. They should last longer as they take 7% of any withdrawal as a fee. They also allow compounding.

Accept payments:  

One thing to remember: These are limited life schemes. Invest only as much as you can afford to lose – in case you do lose.



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