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EZ Power 27,000 mAh Power Bank

The EZ Power 27,000 mAh power bank is a powerhouse that can also change color. Boasting Power Delivery 3.0, this portable power bank ensures your gadgets never run out of battery. What’s more, it charges five devices at once with its two USB ports, two USB-C ports, and wireless charging pad. Including all the accessories you need, this gadget comes with 10 magnetic heads, a cable, an injection pin, a SIM cardholder, an SD card reader, and more. Inside, there’s a removable credit-card-size charging kit so you can power up any device at any time. Boasting incredibly fast charging, it’ll power up devices in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, it even has a built-in stand you can use to prop up your gadget while watching a movie or show. Approved by TSA and the FAA, this 27,000 mAh power bank is great for taking on the go when you travel abroad.

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