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SleepMuffs by Blisstil Sound Blocking Neck Pillow

Whether you’re traveling, camping, or at home, SleepMuffs by Blisstil sound-blocking neck pillow offers the help you need to fall and stay asleep. Its ergonomic design makes sure your ears are protected from annoying sounds and your neck is supported. In fact, it reduces neck tension and blocks out as much noise as active noise-canceling headphones—without any electronics! Almost entirely made of foam, this soft sound-blocking neck pillow is super cozy and squishy. Made with silk-like, breathable, thermoregulating fabric, it is super comfortable to wear all night long. What’s more, if you want to listen to music, just pop in your earbuds. And SleepMuffs will prevent them from pressing into your ears while you sleep on your side. Finally, if you want to nap, slip on your eye mask, enjoy the neck support, and fall into your own personal cocoon.

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