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easyQ Replacement Gas BBQ Grill Grate

Have a better experience at the barbecue when you use the easyQ replacement gas BBQ grill grate. This totally stress-free BBQ solution offers easy cleaning so grilling—and the aftermath—is a breeze. That’s because it collects fat on a tray, so you have just one spot to clean up. What’s more, the easyQ ensures you get the best meat every time because it infuses the flavor it collects back into your food. Furthermore, thanks to its unique V-shape design, the replacement BBQ grate eliminates flareups, and it won’t let the fat or juices clog your gas burners. Made entirely of stainless steel, this gadget works on most gas barbecues, evenly distributing heat for a perfect sear. This replacement gas BBQ grill grate takes your BBQ experience to the next level and helps you get the most out of your barbecue.

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