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Tactika Facewear Integrated Mask & Sunglasses

Wearing glasses with a mask offers more protection than a mask alone. However, they weren’t designed to go together—until now. Tactika Facewear integrated mask & sunglasses uses a magnetic clip-on face mask that fits with its line of premium eyewear. It’s time to replace fidgety straps, muffled speech, and foggy lenses with breathability, comfort, convenience, and style. A patent-pending system of 14 super-strong, ultralight magnets connects a wide range of interchangeable glasses, masks, washable filters, visors, and clip-on lenses. Wear the frames as sunglasses or have your optician insert prescription lenses. Choose between a mask with filters for maximum breathability or a visor for clear communication and facial expression. Select the best clip-on lens for different light conditions. Use this integrated mask & sunglasses while exercising, shopping, commuting, eating, or anytime you need to put on and remove your mask quickly, easily, and repeatedly. And it’s already in production.

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