Why are computer/video games in movies always so much better?

Thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for this image from the film "Her"
Thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for this image from the film “Her”

I don’t know why, but somewhere on the way from mind to reality, computer games never turn out as cool as they do appear in films.

It may be budget constraints, lack of technological advancement, or simply lack of imagination, but somehow the films that depict games always make them look super-cool!

The photo above is just one of the latest examples, but others exist. The holodeck from “Star trek: The next generation” being one of the biggest ones, allowing one to create elaborate vistas and scene where they can play a role or engage in any activities they can make up.

In real life, the pursuit after a realistic or even semi-realistic gaming is quite elusive and makes slow (but definite) progress. No holodeck yet, but Oculus Rift brings us a big step forward towards virtual reality, and immersive open world games such as GTA 5, Watch_Dogs and others give us more and more freedom and semblance to the world we know around us.

What’s in store ahead? I see “Star Citizen: Squadron 42” as one of the spearhead bearers for the future. A game funded by the masses, continually evolving and growing and will offer one of the biggest and most immersive experiences to date with a space simulation that doesn’t stay in a space craft cockpit, but let’s you roam and experience a large and varied living universe of stars, planets, countries and cities.

I don’t know when and if we will get to a point where enough power and sophistication allows game to interact with us as well as we interact with them, but I’m sure the road ahead will show us some amazing things along the way.

What do you think?


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