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Moog Claravox Centennial theremin

Featuring traditional and modern performance modes, you can customize the Moog Claravox Centennial theremin to your sound preferences and abilities. It features an analog wave-shaping circuit to empower a rich sound, and the analog BBD delay creates a resounding warmth. Connect your theremin to a variety of outputs, including DIN MIDI, USB, and CV. Play for hours and the front-panel storage will hold all of your favorite sounds to playback as you wish. And it’ll even save your preferred settings as a preset for convenience when you return to play. Furthermore, the Claravox Centennial encourages players of all abilities. With multiple levels of calibration and control settings, you can customize this instrument to you. And it’s easily adaptable to switch between different users. Finally, with all the settings clearly labeled with each knob, this theremin encourages you to experiment with various modes.

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