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The high-speed smart toaster is popping up toast.

It’s important to start your day off right, and you can guarantee it with the Revolution Cooking R180 high-speed smart toaster. This two-slice toaster lets you customize your toasty bread just the way you want it. In fact, this smart bread toaster offers three different modes, seven different shades, and five food settings. So whether you want a lightly toasted bagel or a blackened piece of bread for breakfast, the R180 will provide it. Additionally, it even has settings for English muffins, waffles, and toaster pastries. This high-speed smart toaster uses a diamond-shaped heating system to get your meal just as browned as you like. The great part is that it’s the same every single time. Unlike your current toaster, which changes its mind even when you don’t change the dial.

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