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CLMBR Pure Workout Machine

Designed for commercial use, the CLMBR Pure workout machine works in conjunction with a state-of-the-art companion app. There, you’ll be able to see important details like the workout targets you’ve reached and how many vertical feet you’ve climbed. What’s more, this redesigned climbing machine doesn’t have a central shaft, meaning you can stay in the proper body position throughout your workout. Thanks to this design, this workout machine helps your joints deal with less impact. You still get a great burn, though! And you can even participate in group climbing classes thanks to the integrated screen and on-demand library. Designed with a built-in audio system, the CLMBR Pure ensures you don’t need any expensive speakers to pump up your exercise session. Crafted with Kevlar-reinforced belts and a low-maintenance body, this machine has a small footprint so you can fit quite a few in your gym.

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