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Combining light, fog, and aromatherapy, the Kohler Stillness Bath smart bath tub truly feels like a spa experience. Inspired by Japanese forest bathing—or shinrin-yoku—it’s designed to relax your mind, soothe your body, and renew your spirit. This spa-like Kohler bathtub acts as a sanctuary where you can prioritize self-care and your wellbeing. The water fills from the bottom of the bath, and it then overflows into the Hinoki wood moat, creating a soothing sound. Surrounded by full-spectrum lighting, the bath’s surface then envelops in fog. Finally, you can add essential oils into the Kohler Stillness Bath tower, which softly emits invigorating aromas. Stimulating the senses and promoting focus, this bathtub gives you a relaxing space to ease your stress and worries.

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