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Using revolutionary new technology, the Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses incorporate MicroLED display engines. Combining style and function, these fully wireless Vuzix glasses have entirely transparent advanced waveguide optics. Furthermore, the Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses have ultra-slim binocular waveguides powered by a tiny pair of efficient MicroLED projectors. With a one-micron projector for each eye, they create a clear video using an incredibly high-density pixel array for both monochrome and full-color situations. The low-power MicroLED display works together with the built-in noise-canceling microphones for impeccable phone calls and UI integration. Great for use both indoors and outside, these are smart glasses you’ll actually want to wear. In fact, they have a sleek look that boasts a stylish, comfortable design with a tortoiseshell top half and transparent bottom half. So they’re not only wearable but also useful, giving you a better connected mobile experience.

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