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Give your school or business a serious yet safe cleaning treatment with the Ubtech Adibot UV-C disinfecting robot. This disinfection system features a giant cylindrical UV-C light to disinfect surfaces. In fact, its 360-degrees of light coverage disinfects 99.9 percent of targeted areas. This health gadget is designed for use in public spaces like schools, medical facilities, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more, helping people move about safely. Moreover, this sanitation robot is available in both an autonomous and stationary model. The Adibot-S is the stationary model that’s wheeled manually from room to room. The Adibot-A navigates autonomously with the help of a LiDAR sensor. What’s more, the Ubtech Adibot UV-C disinfecting robot is safe to use with its secured app with smart controls and sensor-controlled safety signage.

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