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Use the newest gaming consoles at your desk without compromising when you have the ASUS ROG Swift 32-inch 4K gaming monitor. This gaming gadget boasts two HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing you to run games in 4K at 120 Hz on a compatible Windows PC, Xbox Series X, or a PS5. It’s a feature you’ll want if you demand the best performance. Also, the Display Stream Compression feature enables you to run a 4K 144 Hz signal through a DisplayPort 1.4 connector. You’ll also enjoy DisplayHDR 600 support, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, and a 160 percent sRGB color gamut. So you can expect vivid, crisp visuals from this cool piece of tech. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming in a big way, the ASUS ROG Swift 32-inch gaming monitor is for you.

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