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Rocksteady Stadium Bluetooth Portable Speakers

The Rocksteady Stadium Bluetooth portable speakers are here to change the way you experience your music. These easy-to-use speakers boast truly immersive sound, especially when you choose a two-pack or four-pack option. What’s more, you can even connect an unlimited number of speakers! And you can customize them to your liking, too, as you’re able to manually switch each speaker to left-, right-, or dual-channel sound. Using Bluetooth 5.0, the speakers have a range that’ll reach throughout your home—and they ensure you hear every note with clarity. Furthermore, these Bluetooth portable speakers boast AI-enhanced sound clarity so your music sounds as good as possible. Finally, they have 16 hours of battery life and a one-hour quick-charge feature that’ll get you to 75% battery. So the Rocksteady Stadium speakers will never let you down.

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