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Lumonitor 4K touchscreen portable monitor

Opt for the Lumonitor 4K touchscreen portable monitor when you’re working, gaming, or creating. It eliminates cords and features high-speed ports, a built-in battery, and a cordless design. Use this gadget to present presentations, turn your smartphone into a laptop, watch videos, play games, and use as an additional monitor in your workspace. Plus, it’s universally compatible with all devices, operating systems, and cables. Furthermore, this 4K touchscreen portable monitor boasts an ultra-wide 15.6″ display and 4K resolutions with over 8 million pixels. Therefore, it’ll brighten and enhance your visuals. It even features Hi-Fi stereo speakers to bring sounds to life. This way, you don’t need external speakers. Finally, its lightweight and thin design makes it portable for taking everywhere with you.

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