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RYIDAR LinkLens smart audio snow goggles

Snow enthusiasts will love the RYIDAR LinkLens smart audio snow goggles, which feature an audio-enabled system. In fact, they come with a surround-sound, single-ear mode, and they even deliver immersive sound when it’s windy. In particular, the single-ear mode lets you become more attentive to your surroundings. And, with noise-cancellation technology, it will screen out wind noise while you’re on slopes, enhancing speed clarity for calls. You can even use LinkLens to answer calls. With a single button press, the voice assistant is switched on for hands-free control and communication. In fact, this voice assistance means that the smart audio snow goggles can read aloud texts, play music, make calls, answer questions, and more. Overall, LinkLens lets you bring your favorite tracks to the slopes and answer calls while you’re on the move.

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