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Use the elago Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Cover to prevent surface scratches, thanks to its delicate silicone material. This accessory also protects your Apple Pencil 2nd Generation from the impact of accidental drops. Because, no matter how careful you may be, a coverless Apple Pencil can still encounter chips and scratches from excessive use. Furthermore, the elago Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Cover brings back a classic pencil-like design to your Apple Pencil. Not only does it add a unique finish to make your gadget stand out, but it feels ergonomic. So you can tap and press for longer with a comfortable grip. When it’s time to charge your gadget, you don’t need to remove this cover because it’s compatible with wireless charging. Overall, this accessory is available in a range of six colors, so you can choose a style that suits your preferences.

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