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Protect your gadgets by using the Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip surge protector. Not only is it convenient with its 12 outlets, but it also offers superior surge protection. That’s thanks to its two built-in 4,000-joule surge protectors. So you get constant protection for all your plugged-in devices, whether they encounter a small or large surge. Amazingly, it has even more safety features, too. For example, the Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip offers an automatic failsafe trigger, overload protection, a UL-V0 fire-resistant exterior coating, and grounded protection. Designed with a flat plug that measures just 0.8 inches in depth, this surge protector fits easily behind furniture. Plus, there are two built-in mounting holes that let you hang it anywhere you like. Six of the outer outlets have large spacing gaps, letting you plug in even your biggest adapters.

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