Wireless Audio Adaptor – Product Review

Good day all!

Today I’ll review this cheap, yet useful gadget called “Wireless Music Adaptor”.

So what exactly is it?

Ever needed to listen to music, tv, or any other kind of sound source, but needed to do so in privacy – so as not to wake up anyone, or maybe simply listen in volume or style that others don’t like?

That’s where this product comes in. Specifically for me, I was looking for something that will allow watching movies from my streamer without needing to resort to subtitles and yet not wake up anyone.

There are several solutions to this problems in the market but the prices are not so cheap. What it is, is basically a set of audio receiver and audio transmitter, each containing a rechargeable battery and 3.5mm RCA inlet, as well as a mute button, on/off button, and a usb inlet to charge the battery.

As you can see from the photos I took, the units themselves are pretty small (6.3cm * 5.1cm * 1.3cm) and identical in dimensions each to the other. they are also very lite (weighing approximately 30 Grams each).

The box itself contained the following:

1 Wireless Audio Adaptor Receiver

1 Wireless Audio Adaptor Transceiver

1 male to male 3.5mm RCA cable

1 USB charging cable

1 Stereo to 3.5mm male cable

1 Electric european plug for charging via wall socket

The set did not arrive with any kind of documentation or instructions. As it is a pretty cheap apparatus made in china, I figured there won’t be much in the way of documentation, so I was not especially disappointed.

The chinese online shop where I got this had several options for this kind of solution, and I chose this one since I wanted to preserve stereo sound (cheaper options only offered mono sound) and keep a high sound quality.

As soon as I got the package and opened it, I found that I need to charge the batteries on both devices before I can use them. Luckily, I had another usb cable I could use to charge them both at the same time. The charge time was not long (half an hour to an hour) so they might have been partially charged or the battery capacity is pretty low (I hope not).

Now to performance. Did this (cheap) product performed up to par?

The answer is yes. The box claims that the sound quality is CD 48Khz, and I am inclined to think that it’s pretty close to that.

At first I didn’t even know how to turn them on (long press on the on/off buttons on each of them), but it didn’t take long to find out.

Afterwards, plugging the transceiver to the TV did not produce any sound nor did it mute the sound coming from the TV speakers.

Something was wrong, but what? After investigating, I found that my TV only have audio-in option and no audio-out..

Fortunately, my media streamer does have audio-out connectors, and so I plugged the transceiver directly to it, and could mute the tv speakers completely and control volume directly via the streamer remote.

Sound quality, as I mentioned was excellent. However, in high volume there’s a clear distortion of sound.

Next I checked the range of the units. They worked perfectly in the room which is a medium sized bedroom, but once exiting the room the reception immediately died. This may be due to concrete walls inside the apartment, or simply the low-power nature of the set.

In conclusion, and in light of the low cost of the set, I believe this was a very good value purchase, as it performs it’s purpose well and for a good price.

I give it my glowing recommendation (pending if usage for up to a year won’t ruin or hinder the units operation)




  1. Marsley grant

    This unit is not working well the transmitter came with a bad battrey I open it and replace the battrey with one like it 7.5 volt luckily I gat one from a wireless keyboard well it started to work very good but after about 30 min. The thing stop I started it up again then it keep stopping every few minutes , I can say that the receiver works well but the transmitter is a joke it’s just not paying off the thing has clear sound but it cuts out at anytime u have to restart the transmitter not good enough maby they sent me a bad deal and I cannot send back this thing to China ..up to u. Guys if u want to buy it but for me it’s no good also maby the thing is good but the transmitter was a bad deal. Well that’s life.

    1. Post

      Well, seems you just had bad luck with a faulty unit. Mine worked quite well. the battery lasts over an hour. However, remember that this is a simple and inexpensive item, so you get what you pay for. If you want something better, go for a Bluetooth device that uses digital broadcast over analog and is more compatible with modern devices.

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