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Talk about stylish security. The KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack includes both a trunk and a backpack, and the former has a Fidlock-enabled, biometrically sealed design. The fast, secure fingerprint lock has TSA approval, and the Trunk boasts a light and durable design with removable accessories like a front pocket and Bacpack. Moreover, the Trunk also has a built-in TSA-approved power bank that recharges all of your devices—even your laptop! Furthermore, with super silent wheels that have real tires, the KABUTO Trunk has a modular interior that keeps you organized. If that wasn’t enough, expand the Backpack from 9 to 18 liters, giving you all the room you need. This two-in-one briefcase and backpack uses magnets to expand and contract, releasing as pressure builds. Finally, just snap the Backpack to the Trunk using the Fidlock mechanism, and you’re ready to go.

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