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Cook pizza, grill meat, and enjoy a roaring fire with the Noori Vo2 Airy woodburning stove. This outdoor oven comes with six removable plates that expose the fire and allow you to observe the Airy System. Meanwhile, the plates’ refractory concrete material and enameled steel body keep this stove lightweight and easy to transport. In fact, the assembly is a one-person operation. The kit comes with a disc for baking pizzas and bread. There’s also an upper half-moon grill that’s ideal for barbecues. Moreover, the Noori V02 enameled steel lid is helpful for the wood oven, barbecue, and smoker functions. Furthermore, an exterior thermometer lets you cook with accuracy. You’ll appreciate how the Rocket System helps this woodburning stove generate more heat with the least quantity of fuel. Finally, the Qudripod and Off Road Wheels allow for easy movement across different surfaces.

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