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Enjoy a simple, effective tool with the Origin Handcrafted TILI fixed-blade pocket knife. Distilling a knife down to its essence, the TILI strips away the superfluous. Instead, it prioritizes only the features that serve a purpose. In fact, this handcrafted knife has no screws, pivots, serrations, clips, locks, or other components. So you won’t have to deal with grime buildup, wobbling, or a knife that accidentally folds in on itself. With a single-piece construction, it transfers force uniformly from the handle to the blade, providing you with a highly effective, surefooted knife. Exceptionally durable and long lasting, this pocket knife consists of 1095 high carbon blade steel—known for its sharpness and durability. Furthermore, its sheepsfoot profile has a descending point and relatively flat edge, making it ideal for a majority of cutting tasks. Meticulously handcrafted, this knife is small yet extremely useful.

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