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Inspired by the timelessness of Firenze, Italy, the YOCTO Firenze Swiss-made luxury automatic watches have a timeless design. This series includes three collections: Diamond 12, Squared 01, and the limited edition Lamboo. Inspired by iconic watches from the 1970s, they integrate the case with the bracelet and have classic geometric shapes. The Diamond 12 comes in white and black options with a stainless steel or rubber strap, and its dodecagon base has 24 facets. Furthermore, the Squared 01 also has a stainless steel base and white and black color options. However, its dodecagon base turns into an irregular octagon on top. Finally, the Lamboo includes green and red color options and has a sporty look inspired by Italian luxury cars. Moreover, each timepiece gets its shape from advanced machinery. At once original, elegant, and casual, these Swiss-made luxury automatic watches are so beautiful that you’ll never want to take them off.

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