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Enjoy up to 5 hours of full illumination with the Tetrivis Solar TRVSLR102 Solar-Frame. All you have to do is place this gadget in a sunlit area to charge, and it’ll reach full capacity in just 7 hours. Impressively, this A5-size light can uniformly illuminate a moderately sized room. Moreover, it also has a power bank facility for off-the-grid use. That makes smartphone charging and charging a breeze when you’re out and about. The unit combines a 1.5-watt polycrystalline solar cell panel with a 7 Wh capacity integrated battery. And the LED array strip of 40 lights consumes only 1.25 watts. Totally self-contained, the Solar-Frame is easy to set up and use. This is an eco-friendly way to light up your space while lowering your energy bills and fossil fuel usage.

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