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Alleviate muscle tightness and increase deep muscle recovery with the Yunmai Portable Massage Hammers. Available in 3 models—Slim Elegant, Pro Basic, and Slim Chic—these massage guns are perfect for daily relaxing or stretching after sports. Using frequency vibration stimulation, the massage heads penetrate deep into the muscle fibers. This action kneads muscle nodules and prevents adhesion, helping to reduce pain and discomfort after exercise or caused by stress. Each Massage Hammer includes 4 replaceable heads for a unique massage experience for different parts of the body. All modes also use a brush-less motor that uses noise reduction technology to control the noise within 45 dB. Moreover, consider Slim Elegant for 84 days of nonstop use, or for a lighter high-performance motor, Slim Chic makes an excellent choice. Overall, treat yourself to a professional massage anywhere.

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