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Stay 6 feet away from everyone around you by using The Social Stick. This novelty gadget is your next favorite everyday carry item. Extending to a maximum length of exactly 6 feet, it makes guessing distance a thing of the past. Helping you easily measure a safe social distance, it comes in four different colors. Choose red, blue, green, or yellow—and go for multipacks in sizes of 4, 8, 40, or 400. Furthermore, the Family pack has 4 sticks and includes one of each color. Additionally, the Small Business pack comes with 2 of each color. It’s time for you to start going outside again, and you’ll feel more comfortable with The Social Stick, which gives you 6 feet of social distance freedom. This quick and easy measurement device helps you keep a safe social distance. Lightweight, retractable, and practical, The Social Stick is here to extend and protect.

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