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Protect your vehicle with one gadget: the BlackVue DR750X-3CH PLUS all-in-one dashcam. This triple-camera setup includes a front, rear, and interior camera with BlackVue Cloud connectivity. As for quality, the front and rear cameras have back-illuminated Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensors. So they give you great clear details in both shadows and highlights thanks to high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Moreover, the DR750X-3CH PLUS offers built-in GPS so you can see your vehicle on the map during playback. Furthermore, built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to pair a mobile hotspot or BlackVue’s optional USB plug-in LTE module for cloud connectivity and access to your BlackVue from anywhere. And, with the connected BlackVue app, you can view and download videos. Finally, the Native Parking Mode support via hardwiring cable has a built-in voltage monitor that protects your car’s battery.

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