Month: November 2023

Gadget News

Significant delays affected certain Gmail users on Thursday, and Google says you may need to send that email again. According to Google’s Workspace status page, emails from Gmail users sent between 11:30 AM EST and 2:00 PM EST on Thursday may not have gone through or were significantly delayed. Read more… Read More

Gadget News

The mystery of “Who killed Tim Kono?” is coming to ABC. Emmy-nominated Hulu Original comedy series Only Murders in the Building is the latest title to shift from streaming to broadcast, with the first three episodes of season one arriving in early 2024. Read more… Read More

Science News

Three simple heuristics for recognising AI eligible project ideas Image by TheDigitalArtist on pixabay. In a product organisation aiming to build AI capabilities into their products and services, there is always the challenge of bringing the non-AI-literates onboard the AI train. While not everybody needs to be an AI expert, it is necessary to have as many …